Employment Foresight is an AI-enabled software that helps HR professionals, in-house counsel, and employment lawyers get rapid clarity on how the courts would resolve several challenging employment law issues. Among the legal issues addressed by the software are reasonable notice, employee drug testing, worker classification, constructive dismissal, managerial exemption to overtime, and cause for dismissal. Employment Foresight analyzes data drawn from common law cases, using deep learning to discover hidden patterns in previous rulings. It allows users to navigate uncertainty in areas of employment law and make efficient, accurate, and confident business decisions.


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Groundbreaking, state-of-the-art technology

Employment Foresight is the first tool to make predictions about future cases in any area of employment law by leveraging machine learning on data from past cases. Other available tools serve only as “checklists” on factors considered by courts. However, these checklists give no basis for how to weigh and make determinations in instances with competing factors.

Employment Foresight will take into account all the important factors that courts consider and make predictions based on how those factors interact. Leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and extensive training by computer scientists and law professors from the University of Toronto, Employment Foresight predicts how courts will rule on contentious employment law issues based on unique factual scenarios. For example, Employment Foresight accurately predicts the amount of notice a court would consider reasonable, if the case were to be litigated.

Additionally, the outcome prediction provided by Employment Foresight will reduce the risks of litigation and negotiation, saving employers the costs that are often associated with these risks.

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Make faster, more accurate decisions

Employment Foresight makes lawyers and HR departments better by increasing accuracy, efficiency, and confidence.

Employment Foresight empowers professionals by allowing them to find the cases they need faster than ever before. With Employment Foresight's Case Finder, there is no need to guess at keywords or boolean terms. Simply navigate all of the cases relevant to your client's legal issue using the factors that matter to your situation.

Transform your legal research into a more efficient and cost-effective process, and direct your professional expertise where it is needed most with Employment Foresight.

See a full list of legal issues addressed by Employment Foresight below.

Legal Issues

Reasonable Notice

Reasonable Notice

What is the reasonable length of notice that a hirer must provide to a worker upon dismissal?

Cause For Dismissal

Cause For Dismissal

Is there just cause for dismissing a worker?

Constructive Dismissal

Constructive Dismissal

Has the hirer constructively dismissed a worker?

Managerial Exemption to Overtime

Managerial Exemption to Overtime

Is an employee’s work managerial in character for the purpose of the managerial exemption to overtime pay?



Is a worker an employee or independent contractor for employment law purposes?

Drug Testing

Drug Testing

Can a hirer require a worker to undergo drug or alcohol testing?

Overtime Eligibility Navigator


Is an employee subject to overtime pay requirements?

Taxable Benefits Navigator


Is an employee benefit received in connection with employment considered to be income for the purposes of the ITA?

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