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Issues Covered
reasonable notice

Reasonable Notice

What is the reasonable length of notice (severance pay) that a hirer must provide to a worker upon dismissal? 

Managerial Overtime

Managerial Exemption to Overtime

Is an employee's work managerial in character for the purpose of the managerial exemption to overtime pay?

employment worker

Worker Classification

Is a worker an employee or independent contractor for employment law purposes?


Duty to Accommodate Disabilities

Has an employer fulfilled the duty to accommodate an employee's disability up to the point of undue hardship?


Drug and Alcohol Testing

Is it reasonable for a hirer to require a worker to undergo drug or alcohol testing?




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HR Foresight empowers HR professionals.

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HR Foresight is tested by leading employment law firms in Canada and is 90% accurate on average. Predictions are based on updated and complete case law.


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The software generates predictions within minutes so you can avoid costly external counsel and time-consuming research.


Quantify your risks.

The software predicts the likely outcome if your case goes to court, giving you the power to understand your position and determine next steps with confidence.

The most accurate severance pay calculator.


HR Foresight’s Reasonable Notice tool is the first of its kind, leveraging machine learning to provide precise and accurate answers based on the unique factors of your scenario.

In making its prediction, the tool uses machine learning to weigh all relevant factors that have been found to influence the amount of severance pay owed.

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The science behind HR Foresight.

Leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and extensive training by leading lawyers and computer scientists, HR Foresight predicts how courts would rule on a variety of contentious issues faced by HR professionals.

Based on numerous past decisions and trained to be over 90% accurate on average, HR Foresight bolsters existing HR expertise.

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