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Blue J’s AI-powered platform accurately predicts court outcomes and enables you to find relevant cases faster than ever before.
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Discover the Power of Foresight

Tax Lawyers

Support your tax position and increase research efficiency in challenging areas of tax law.

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Enhance strategic tax planning and research efficiency in challenging areas of tax. 

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Public Bodies

Focus on issues warranting further investigation and ensure consistency in decision-making. 

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Bolster capabilities

  • Support your position with predictions that are 90% accurate
  • Access insights from the entire body of case law, updated weekly
  • Slash research time and increase your workload capacity
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Ensure consistency

  • Standardize how issues are handled throughout your organization
  • Train juniors to identify factors that matter
  • Raise the benchmark of research quality 
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Adopt the new professional standard

  • Harness software used by leading private firms and public bodies
  • Gain unparalleled visibility into the law
  • Access the same legal insights as your opposition
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Numbers that speak for themselves


In predicting case outcomes.


Than traditional research methods at finding cases (e.g., keyword searches, boolean searches).


Tested by thousands of practitioners across North America.

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Artificial intelligence adds a dimension to your thinking. The analysis identifies insights that you might not have thought of and may lead you to a case that adds to your approach to a particular issue. That’s invaluable.

David Chodikoff, Partner
Miller Thomson
Miller Thamson 3x

Artificial intelligence enables you to analyze and synthesize information so that you can speak to your clients in more clear and concise terms.

Jenna Schwartz, Senior Manager

Tax Foresight poses the right questions and the analysis it does, seemingly by magic, produces well-articulated results and the cases you would likely need in order to address the questions you have. 

John Sorensen, Partner
Gowling WLG

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