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Our legal researchers and data scientists are on a mission to bring absolute clarity to the law, everywhere and on demand.

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Our Story

Our genesis began in 2014 with IBM’s Watson Challenge at the University of Toronto. Benjamin Alarie, an associate dean at the time, was approached to help judge the competition, a contest between students and startups to create commercial implementations for the technology company’s AI-powered super-computer.

Benjamin was intrigued by the possibilities of applying AI to tax law. By 2015, our first prototype was built. Within a year, Blue J Legal began selling Tax Foresight commercially. Since then, the company has expanded its product offering to include Employment Foresight, HR Foresight and extended its Tax Foresight offering to the US market. 

Today, Blue J Legal has established itself as a market leader in producing legal technology powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. With offices in Toronto, New York City, and Washington D.C., we are a cutting edge startup with a diverse and high-performing team. Our team includes law professors, lawyers, data scientists, management consultants, and engineers. 

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