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"Tax Foresight is very impressive. Results that could require up to 40 hours of research by a junior come up within two minutes."

"We had a bad feeling about the case and then ran it through Tax Foresight. The classification was 95%+ against our client. We settled the case immediately."

"Employment Foresight increases certainty and descreases risk."

"We need this tool if we are going to keep up with competitors."

"I used to spend hours on Taxnet Pro searching for cases - Case Finder cuts the research time from 6 hours to 1 hour. Great product, I love it."

"I was blown away by Case Finder. It saves a lot of time and provides certainty when researching. I have never seen anything like it."

"Our firm needs this tool. The ability to find similar cases so quickly is a great feature."

"Employment Foresight will make labour and employment law more accessible to Legal Departments, providing detailed explanations and expertise around highly specific employment scenarios. It will help to ensure that we are more confident in the legal advice we dispense to our business teams, and in our ability to do so more quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively with minimal reliance on external counsel. But, perhaps its biggest value will be in positioning Legal Departments to make quick and confident risk assessments. Particularly in this era of constantly evolving business models. It won’t replace your outside labour and employment counsel. But, it will enable you to reduce your reliance on them where appropriate."