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How Employment Foresight Works

Employment Foresight uses machine learning to predict how a court would rule in your specific scenario. 
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Input your scenario

Fill out a brief questionnaire with the facts of your unique legal situation.

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Run the analysis

Platform uses AI to compare your situation to all relevant previous cases.

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Support your position

Review prediction, a tailored explanation of the result, and a list of similar cases.


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Document and share

Download a report of the prediction and share with key stakeholders.

Legal issues

Reasonable Notice

What is the reasonable length of notice that a hirer must provide to a worker upon dismissal?

Cause for Dismissal

Is there just cause for dismissing a worker?

Worker Classification

Is a worker an employee or independent contractor for employment law purposes?

Constructive Dismissal

Has the hirer constructively dismissed a worker?

Duty to Accommodate Disabilities

Has an employer fulfilled the duty to accommodate an employee’s disability up to the point of undue hardship?

Managerial Exemption to Overtime

Is an employee’s work managerial in character for the purpose of the managerial exemption to overtime pay?

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Can a hirer require a worker to undergo drug or alcohol testing?

Sexual Harassment

Has there been harassment in the workplace because of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression?

Overtime Eligibility

Is an employee subject to overtime pay requirements?

Taxable Benefits

Is an employee benefit received in connection with employment considered to be income for the purposes of the Income Tax Act?


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Recent developments in determining Reasonable Notice.

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