How much severance is your employee entitled to?

Blue J Legal uses artificial intelligence to help HR departments navigate employment and labour issues.
HR departments love Employment Foresight

Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence:

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Accurately Predict Outcomes
Classifiers use the facts of each situation and all the relevant case law to predict an outcome and provide a confidence level, removing the guesswork.
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Avoid Costly Legal Fees
Armed with tailored explanations, downloadable reports, and links to further resources, you can avoid unnecessarily outsourcing costly legal counsel.
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Shorten Research Time
Significantly reduce time tied up in cumbersome research and uncover relevant, actionable information in a fraction of the time currently required.
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Know Where You Stand
Employment Foresight provides an independent, unbiased opinion, giving you a realistic snapshot of your most likely outcome.

Simple and Intuitive

From its easy-to-use interface to quickly digestible reports, Employment Foresight was built with the user in mind. 
Predictions provide a confidence level and downloadable report
Behind the Numbers


Employment Foresight is the first tool to make predictions about future cases in employment law by leveraging machine learning.


The tool covers seven common legal issues including Reasonable Notice, Cause for Dismissal and Taxable Benefits.


On average, Employment Foresight predicts actual decisions made in court with 90% accuracy. 

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