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Tax Foresight

AI-powered tax research and planning.

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How Tax Foresight Works

Tax Foresight uses machine learning to predict how a court would rule in your unique scenario with over 90% accuracy on average.
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Input your scenario

Fill out a brief questionnaire with the facts of your unique tax situation.

Run the analysis
Run the analysis

Tax Foresight uses AI to compare your situation to all relevant previous cases.

Validate your position
Validate your position

Review prediction, a tailored explanation of the result, and a list of similar cases.

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Document and share

Download a report of Tax Foresight’s prediction and share with key stakeholders.


Tax issues covered

Economic Substance

Does a transaction have economic substance for tax purposes?

Real Estate

Is a piece of real property a “capital asset” under Section 1221(a)(1) of the IRC?

Debt vs. Equity

Is an interest in a corporation debt or equity for federal tax purposes?

Worker Classification

Is a worker an employee or an independent contractor for tax purposes?

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

Is a person liable to pay the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty pursuant to § 6672?

Nonresident Trade or Business

Is a nonresident alien individual or foreign corporation engaged in a trade or business within the United States for federal taxation purposes?

Deductible Trade or Business Expense: US Businesses

Is a trade or business expense an ordinary and necessary expense under § 162(a)?

Unrelated Business Income Tax

Is an exempt organization obligated to pay tax on income generated from an unrelated trade or business pursuant to § 511?

Transfer Pricing

Find cases in which transfer pricing was discussed in the context of federal income taxation.


Artificial intelligence adds a dimension to your thinking. The analysis identifies insights that you might not have thought of and may lead you to a case that adds to your approach to a particular issue. That’s invaluable. 

David Chodikoff, Partner
Miller Thomson
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Employee or independent contractor? 

Preview our tax worker classifier for free to explore our platform and see a classifier in action.