Instincts are good. Foresight is better.

Blue J Legal's AI-powered software accurately predicts legal outcomes in challenging areas of tax and employment law.




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Employment Law Firms

Gain rapid clarity on how courts would resolve challenging employment law issues and increase the efficiency of your legal research. 

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Law Firms and Accounting Firms

Accurately determine the strength of your tax position and increase research efficiency in more than 25 areas of tax law. 

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Confidently address common legal questions faced by human resources professionals in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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How can Blue J Legal's software enhance your business?


Provide the highest quality advice.

Our artificial intelligence platform analyzes the facts of every case in seconds, allowing insights into legal reasoning that were previously unavailable.

 Legal research

Work more efficiently.

Our software is continuously trained by legal experts on all the newest decisions so you can spend less time reading new cases and more time giving valuable advice to your clients. Case Finder allows you to discover the most relevant cases based on key factors and outcomes, rather than traditional keyword searches.


Automate your due diligence.

Demonstrate your due diligence if questions arise later. Using independent systems like Tax Foresight and Employment Foresight provides evidence of your professional due diligence. Generate a detailed report that outlines the basis underlying your advice.

Tax projections

Quantify the risks.

Accurately quantify the risks for clients. Get an exact confidence level on your clients' legal position based on the facts. Test different fact scenarios to know your opponent's strongest case and know how to prepare for it. Advise clients with precision about which factors are key to ensuring a particular outcome.