Our toolkit consists of three features: Classifiers, Case Finders, and Case Analytics. 

Classifiers use machine learning to predict how a court would rule in a fact scenario you provide by answering questions. By changing your answers to individual questions, you can assess the relative significance of each factor to your client’s case.

Each Classifier helps you understand the current state of the law as it applies to your client's situation. Along with a predicted outcome, you will receive a confidence level, an explanation for the prediction, and links to similar cases.

Case Finders search for relevant cases by facts and outcomes instead of keywords or citations. You can search by multiple factors and apply relative weights to each in order to match a specific scenario for each search.

Each Case Finder search includes a list of cases ranked by similarity and matching factors. Every citation links directly to its corresponding case, facilitating easy review and further research. By helping you quickly and accurately find the cases most relevant to your search criteria, Case Finders put you in the best position to perform comprehensive and effective legal research for your client without missing a single case

Case Analytics complement Classifiers and Case Finders, allowing you to instantly understand how the most important factors affect outcomes in challenging areas of tax and employment law.

Case Analytics provides insights on each individual factor, giving you the freedom to select only factors important to you. It also has click-on, click-off sensitivity, enabling you instantly to see the influence and importance of each factor on outcomes. With simple, responsive, interactive charts, the feature helps you to quickly make sense of the data and click to see additional relevant cases.


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